Wednesday, July 30, 2014

A visitor

This morning, the doorbell rang.  I went to see who it was.  There was a beary big bear at the door, as big as Uncle Tibbs.

"Uh, hello?" I said.

"Hello there, sweetie!  I'm looking for Arthur.  Does he live here?"  She was wearing a hat.

I thought for a moment.  "Hmm... I'm sorry but there is no one here named Arthur."

"Are you sure, honeybuns?  I'm pretty sure this is the right address."

"Sorry, there is no one here named Arthur, bear or non-bear," I said.

"Well," she said, "My name is Mrs. Daisy Elizabeth Anne Tibbs and I'm Arthur Tibbs' mother.  I'm here to visit him."

"Ajdin, who's at the door?" Uncle Tibbs asked, as he walked by.  "MOM???"

Now I was confused.  "ARTHUR???" I asked.

"Oh, Little Artie doesn't like to be called Arthur but that's his name alright," Mrs. Tibbs explained.

"Yes yes, my full name is Arthur Tibbs," Uncle Tibbs said to me, rolling his eyes.

"And you must be his friend Ajdin that he tells me about so much."  Mrs. Tibbs pinched my cheeks and gave me a caramelized salmon candy from her purse.  I liked her beary much already.

Big bear hugs were exchanged, and I, as a little bear, made sure to get out of the way.

"Oh Artie, you've gotten so thin!  I'll need to fatten you up with some fishcakes and honey pies, fish and grits, fried fish..."  She went into the kitchen and began cooking up a storm.

Fishcakes?  Honey pies?  I'm beary much looking forward to Momma Tibbs' cooking.

Uncle Tibbs and his mom look beary similar don't they?

Saturday, July 26, 2014


Recently, Uncle Tibbs and I had the pleasure of babysitting.  It was my first time babysitting.

"Babies are fun to play with, Ajdin," he said, "but babysitting is also a beary tough job."

"Uncle Tibbs, I'm sure it can't be that difficult," I said.  "How hard can it be?"  I waved hello to the baby.

She immediately took an interest in me and picked me up.

I could tell she liked me beary much.

"Uncle Tibbs," I asked, "is this how you are supposed to babysit?"  She threw me around by the ear.

"You're doing great, Ajdin!" Uncle Tibbs cheered.  "Keep it up!"

And then she did some sort of wrestling move on me.  It was beary painful.

I noticed she had a beary strong grip.  A beary strong one indeed.

And finally she flipped me over again.

Then the baby became tired and went upstairs to take a nap.  I sighed in relief.

"So Ajdin," Uncle Tibbs asked, "how did you like babysitting?"

"You're right, Uncle Tibbs.  Babysitting is a beary tough job," I said.  "I think I've had enough babysitting for a while."

Thursday, July 24, 2014

My new outfit

After trying on several outfits at the Build-A-Bear store, I finally found something that I liked.  My mom bought it for me and we took it home.  I guess I should model it for you.

But I have to take off my shirt first.  Ungh, my head is too big and my arms are stuck.

Okay, now I am naked like Uncle Tibbs.

"I heard that, Ajdin," he said.

Now I will put one sleeve on...

...then the other...

...then I fasten this little red kerchief in front...

...and there you have it!  This is my bear cub scout uniform - I am joining the cub scouts.  It has two little pockets in front which are great for storing honey packets and small fish.  It also has a paw print patch on the left hand side.  I like it beary much.

So... did you think I was going to get pants?  I think it's a big change to go from no pants to pants.  I personally like the freedom I have with no pants, but maybe I will try them one day.

Monday, July 21, 2014

Build-a-Bear Workshop

Now, I started to walk another few blocks and then I saw a beary interesting store...

It was the Build-a-Bear Workshop!  I have heard about this beary famous place but I have never been there before.  My little heart was beating with excitement.  When I walked into the store, I was greeted by several friendly people.  They all said I was beary cute.  I was treated like a king.  I wish all stores were this welcoming to little bears.

I saw other bears there and decided to introduce myself.  "Hello there," I said.  There was no response.  Hmm.  Maybe this one was taking a nap.

I approached another bear.  "I'm Ajdin, nice to meet you," I said, extending my paw for a pawshake.  He also did not move.  How strange!  

I looked around and realized that none of the stuffies were moving.  All of them were flat like a pancake and equally unresponsive.  I immediately administered CPR.

Then I saw a sign.  FLUFF ME.  Ahhh, everything makes sense now.  These stuffies have not been fluffed yet.

This is the fluffing machine.  Inside it contains heart stuff and constantly tumbles around to keep everything nice and fluffy.

Then I saw an open heart surgery taking place (don't worry, the bear was under honeythesia).  This nice surgeon asked if I would like to be restuffed or if I wanted extra curves in some places.  A quick glance in a nearby mirror confirmed that I was still not quite beach body ready.

"Thanks," I said, "but I like myself just the way I am."

These are some beating heart "pacemakers" that some stuffies have inside of them.

I made a new friend.  This is Phil.  He's a punk rocker about to go on tour with his band.  He had some tattoos on his feet.  I asked my mom if I could get some tattoos also but she said no.

Phil explained that there are computers to help new stuffies decide on a name.  You can also print out a bearth certificate.

Look at all these cool clothes.

Even more clothes!  Maybe I will be able to finally find some pants.

Howdy!  How do I look in this hat?

Or perhaps a black leather motorcycle jacket?  Complete with a motorcycle!   VROOM VROOM...
I also saw some military bears including a Navy SEAL (Salmon Exploration And Location).  He said they also have a unit called the Navy BEARs (Beehive Exploration and Reconnaisance).  How handsome a bear in uniform looks.  "Thank you for serving our country," I said.  I gave them a salute.

"Roger that!" they responded.

Perhaps I could join the Bearines also?

Then I saw a New Yorker bear.  "LIBEARTY AND JUSTICE FUR ALL!" he proclaimed.

I went to the dressing room and started trying on some outfits.  There were so many outfits to choose from.  Which one was I going to get?  And would I finally put on a pair of pants?


Sunday, July 20, 2014

Special announcement: Bearthday cards for a non-bear

"Hello blog friends.  Uncle Tibbs, Ooogie and I are interrupting this regularly scheduled blog program to bring you news of a non-bear who needs our help.

Perhaps you have heard on the news, but Danny Nickerson is a 6-year-old non-bear who has a rare brain tumor.  Over to you, Uncle Tibbs."

"Thanks Ajdin.  His bearthday is on July 25 and he will be turning 6 years old.  He wanted some bearthday cards for his bearthday and has been receiving lots of mail since his story went viral.  Ooogie, tell them the address."

"Hereeeeeeee is the addreeeeeeees to seeeeeeeeend him a beaaaaaaaaarthday caaaaard."

Daniel Nickerson
P.O. Box 212
Foxboro, MA 02035

Here are some links to find out more about this special non-bear:

Have fun decorating the card!

We will return to our regularly scheduled programming soon!


Thursday, July 17, 2014

Trip to NYC

I recently took a trip to New York City.  Now, if you can imagine a little bear going into a big city like NYC, it is a little bit scary.  There were so many busy bears and non-bears wearing business suits and talking on their smartphones.  It seemed like everyone was in a hurry.

I ran into Winnie the Pooh in Times Square.  We took a picture together.  Then after my mom took the photo, he asked for a tip.  Hmm... I don't think this is how the real Winnie the Pooh would treat his fans.

The buildings were beary tall.  I felt beary small.

Here I am about to hop on the subway at Times Square.  I hid inside my mom's backpack and avoided paying the subway fare.

Phew!  These streets and avenues can be beary long walks for a little bear.  I need to take a break here.

Okay, here is another view of Times Square.

Now, I started to walk another few blocks and then I saw a beary interesting store...