Thursday, September 29, 2016

Astrobear ice cream

Recently, my friend Droopy sent me a package in the mail. I couldn't believe what was inside - it was outta this world!

It was astronaut ice cream! Since I am in training to become an astrobear, these freeze-dried snacks will be very delicious to eat in outer space.

The first pouch was strawberry ice cream. Yum!

The second pouch was a polar bear cookies & cream ice cream sandwich.

And the last pouch was... ALIEN NEOPOLITAN ICE CREAM! Wow - will I meet aliens on my space mission?

Thank you Droopy, for the astronaut ice cream! Now I will have snacks for outer space.

Saturday, September 24, 2016

Mail and fun stuff!

Hey everyone, wanna see the haul of fun stuff I received in the mail? :) The postman has been beary busy delivering packages, postcards, and bearthday cards lately.

I got this cool postcard from Little Fox. It's a flag of the city of Portland, Oregon. He writes, "Happy Birthday!" Thanks Little Fox!

Next is a card from Benaud, Chloe, and Hicks from Australia. They are all wearing cool sunglasses. The postcard is some public artwork near their hometown.

Next is a bearthday card from Droopy. Droopy writes, "Hope your year is filled with lots of honey and salmon!" Yes, that's a great bearthday wish!

Then we have a package of homemade art postcard and envelopes. It's from none other than Beanie Mouse. He says that this is a little thank you for participating in the traveling art book project several months ago.

Thank you Beanie! Look at all these beautiful cards. You can see more of them here:

Next is a package from my mom. It's something Build-A-Bear Workshop! That is my favorite store. Their clothes fit me really well even though I am not from that store.

What is it?

It's a new shirt - a grey distressed print with blue plaid! I like the color blue!

Let's try it on!

It's hard to put on clothes when your head is kind of big. Do you ever have that problem?

I'm wearing a turban...

 I need a smaller head!

It fits perfectly! How does it look? Just in time for a back-to-school wardrobe. I wonder when Stuffie School is starting again...

Oh yeah, one more thing - Droopy also sent me a cool magnet from Toys for Tots. There is a bear on it. Do you think it looks like me?

Thanks for all the fun stuff everyone!

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Stuffie National Convention, part 2



Wow, that was a really refreshing nap! Is Ooogie finished reading the roll call of states yet? Is it my turn to give my acceptance speech as the stuffie nominee for President of the United States of America?


Wait, where is everyone? The convention hall is nearly empty except for a few stuffie delegates who are just leaving. What happened? Please don't tell me that I...


"Parker, what happened?"


"I... can't... believe... it. I slept through the entire convention."


"Don't worry? How can you tell me not to worry? My entire campaign is ruined. I can't run for president now, and the future of this country is at stake..."


"You what? You accepted the nomination on my behalf?"

"Oh Parker! That was a great speech! Everyone loved it! You will be a terrific Vice President!" gushed Miss Feathers.

"Greeeeeat joooooob Paaaaarkeeeeer. Cooooongraaaaatuuuuulaaaatiiiiionsssss on seeeelf-noooominatiiiing yoooourseeeelf as Viiiice Preeeeesiiiideeeent," said Ooogie.

"Vice President? You're my Vice President?"


"And you have my debate preparation notes also? Because the Presidential debate is... NEXT WEEK?"

Wow, I missed out on a lot! Winter is coming soon so I guess I went into quasi-hiBEARnation instead of a short power nap. Anyways, time to get to work!

And by the way, I have the best Vice President a stuffie nominee could ever have! No wonder they say dogs are a stuffie's best friend.


Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Stuffie Olympics - CONTEST RESULTS

Thank you everyone for entering the 2016 Stuffie Olympics! It was an exciting Olympics last month, full of jam-packed events. Let's see some of our stuffie athletes below - scroll to the very bottom of this post for the winners of this contest!

Here we have Jerry and Ben who are representing the USA!

They are really focused here on LEAF DIVING! This seems to be a new event. I'm sure this event will be even more popular in the fall.

They are also really killing it in the INTENSIVE READING event! My question is, what are they reading? Cookbooks? Gardening books? These books are the perfect size for them.

VROOM VROOM VROOM!!! Look at Jerry and Ben go in this COMPETITIVE DRIVING event! It looks like they are driving a Dodge Charger! I love this car.

Next they are competing in the GOING-OVER-NIAGARA-FALLS-IN-A-BARREL-BUT-THEN-CHICKENING-OUT event. We'll give them points for the effort though!

And lastly, here is Ben in the INTENSIVE BEAR STARING event! Whoa, that's pretty intense!

Representing Australia in this year's Olympics are siblings Benaud, Hicks, and Chloe!

In the BAKING event, we have Benaud whipping up a batch of delicious... muffins? They look beary delicious, but the judges will need to sample a few for scoring purposes... NOM NOM NOM...

This next event looks like a game of... CRICKET? Am I right? We are not so familiar with the sport over here.

This is Chloe in the KNITTING event! I didn't know this was an event, so cool!

And here's Chloe again in the DRESSAGE event with her horse Soda-Belle! Very nice!

Next we are pleased to welcome newcomer BENNY WOODLOUSE! I have never met a woodlouse before, have you?

Here is Benny doing awesomely in the QUADRUPLE SCULL event! Way to go!

And here he is again in 100 METER SCURRYING! I will say, a very creative use of seat cushions!

And Benny's last entry, is in POLE JUMPING! A pole jumping woodlouse - yes, anything can happen in the Stuffie Olympics! This looks a little painful? We can tell he is really giving it his all here!

Representing Canada, here is Sandy!

Well, I was beary impressed to see Sandy get back on the kayak for the KAYAKING event! He had an unpleasant swim after falling out of his own Tupperware kayak earlier this year. Really showing the Olympic spirit here.

I am a huge fan of this next event, and I wonder why it is not an event in the human Olympics? Here is Sandy going for the gold in the SALMON COOKING event! I count 10 or so fillets here! Ahem, the judges would like some for sampling...

Here is Sandy in another risky event - CAVING! Any salmon in there, Sandy?

And finally, here's Sandy in the SQUASH-TACLE event! I have never heard of this event before! Look at that effort getting down there fighting the weeds and all! Go Sandy!

Next is another newcomer, Terrance, who is representing Greece... or Germany... I am not really sure from his Facebook profile.

Terrance is competing in only one event, DIVING, but it was such a riveting moment! Check it out below.

Climbing the ladder to the top - scary!

Wow, he is brave!


WOW WOW WOW!!! He gave it 200% effort!

A quick spin-dry for the grand finale!

The next entry is from Droopy and friends. Look at Spunky excel in the RHYTHMIC GYMNASTICS RIBBON event! Is that a ribbon or fruit by the foot?

It seems that Carrots has joined the canine group for a bit of SOCCER! I think Carrots would do very well in the long jump and high jump.

Here is Patch, Droopy, and Spunky participating in the JAVELIN THROW with their respectively sized javelins!

And finally here is Little Fox in a new event called COMPETITIVE SIGHTSEEING. Little Fox has traveled to many places! He would make a great stuffie tour guide as well, I think.


GOLD - TERRANCE, for Diving
SILVER - BENNY, for Pole Jump
BRONZE - DROOPY & Friends, for Javelin Throw

Thanks to everyone who entered! Prizes will be sent shortly.

*winners randomly selected with random number generator from Microsoft Excel, in case you were wondering.  :)