Wednesday, July 26, 2017


We are long overdue for a mail call! I wonder why the mail has been taking so long...

"Hiiiiii Ajjjjdiiiiiin."

It was Ooogie.

"Oh. Hi Ooogie."

(No wonder it has been taking so long).

Anyways, the first postcard we received was from Sandy! This was from his trip to Prince Rupert. Sounds like a great outing Sandy.

The next postcard I received was from two little bears... yes, Jerry and Ben! They accompanied their Papa on a work trip, but it was a leisure trip for them. That's how to live, isn't it? Let the humans do all the work and stuffies just have fun.

We also received a letter and some goodies from my friend Jessica. Jessica is a beary creative writer, and she included some stickers and her business card also.

You can check out her blog at

Thank you for the sticker and pin!

And last but definitely not least were some goodies from Julie and Elsie. They sent some handmade paper items from their store, Studio Lumio. Beary cool indeed - I love the bookmark! Thank you beary much.

Let's take a closer look... beautiful, isn't it?

Receiving mail is so much fun!

"When they are not bills," says Uncle Tibbs.


  1. Great mail! Are you reading any good books for which you can use one of those great bookmarks?

    1. Good question. Maybe you can do a book review for us???????

  2. I hear you about the bills Uncle Tibbs.

  3. Nice! Mail is always so nice to receive.

  4. We're glad you liked the things we sent!