Friday, October 31, 2014

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away...

There once was a little bear named Ajdin Salmonfisher.  He lived on the planet Tatooine as a bee farmer (not a bad gig, huh?)  Still, he wanted to search for something more.  One day, he found an interesting looking object on the ground.

"Hmm... what's this?" he said.  He picked it up.


"Wow!" Ajdin said.  "I'm a Jedi Bear!"

"Not yet," a voice said.

"Who said that?" Ajdin said.  "Who's there?"

"I'm just a random voice that you have to listen to in order to finish this story.  Now, go to the planet Daaaaagooooobaaaaah to complete your Jedi training with Master Oooda," the voice continued.

"The Dagobah system?" Ajdin asked.

"No, the Daaaaagooooobaaaaah system.  You will understand once you get there," the voice said.

To fulfill his destiny as a Jedi Bear, Ajdin Salmonfisher went out in search of this great Master Oooda.

"Aaaaajdiiiiin," Master Oooda said, "welcome to Daaaaagooooobaaaaah.  Nooooow weeeee caaaaan cooooompleeeeeete youuuuuuur traiiiiiiniiiiing."

"Youuuuuu muuuuuuust leaaaaaaaaarn toooooooo truuuuuuuust youuuuuuuuur feeeeeeeeliiiings toooooo use the Fiiiiiiish.  Doooooo ooooor doooo noooot, theeeere iiiiiis nooooo tryyyyyy," Master Oooda said.

"Hmm... it seems like my training will take a long time," Ajdin Salmonfisher thought.  He yawned and took a nap.

"Tiiiiiibs.  Youuuuuuu muuuuust cooooonfrooooont Tiiiiiibbs," Master Oooda said.  "Theeeeeen aaaand oooonly theeeeen a Jeeeeeediiii wiiiiill youuuu beeeee.  Speeeeak slooowly I doooo."

So Ajdin Salmonfisher went out to find the Salmon Lord Darth Tibbs.

"Ajdin," Darth Tibbs said.  " YOUR UNCLE!!"

"Uh, I knew that already," Ajdin said.

"Oh.  Well, then nevermind," Darth Tibbs said.  "How about we have some fish and honey?"

Darth Tibbs, Master Oooda, and myself (Ajdin Salmonfisher) hope you enjoyed this special blog edition!  May the FISH be with you!  Thanks to Jerry and Ben for sponsoring their fun Honeyween costume contest and for the yummy candy and card they sent us.

Happy Honeyween!  And stay tuned for more exciting episodes of SALMON WARS.

(My mom is trying to steal some Honeyween candy from me.)


  1. Oh that was brilliant!!!!! Will it be a five edition trilogy?

    1. There will be more SALMON WARS episodes coming soon!

  2. What a great story! We loved it! Glad you enjoyed the treats!

    1. Thanks again! By the way, which one of you is which on your card?

    2. Hehe, well Ben the spooky skeleton, Jerry is the funny dog (Jerry usually plays the funny roles), and our pal Jake is the ghost. We forgot to get a costume for our dog Boo, so that will have to wait until next year.

    3. Now that is funny!! I thought that was a bunny costume with those floppy ears! But now I see it is a dog - great costume!

  3. Great story, I didn't expect to see the twist of Uncle Tibbs also being Darth Vader. Beary intriguing.

    1. He was trying to decide between Darth Tibbs and Darthur Vader.

  4. Great adventure! Although I'm not sure what Oooda is going to do if you keep sleeping through your Jedi training. He might send you running through some swamps or something!