Monday, March 31, 2014


This weekend I played Pictionary with some of the humans I know.  I gotta say, for being non-stuffies, they are a beary cool bunch.  It was fun trying to guess everyone's drawings.  Then it was my turn.  I went up to the board holding a marker.

I was a little nervous.  I'm not a very good artist.

Would they be able to guess what I was drawing?  Oh well, here goes nothing.  Sometimes you just gotta dive right in.

I started with a big circle and then put two smaller circles on either side of it.

Then I added some details.

I was really getting into it now.

Then I added more to the drawing.

I could feel my creative juices flowing.

Then I drew some other stuffies.  Can you tell who they are?

Drawing is fun!

Thursday, March 27, 2014


Today I got a postcard from Beanie Mouse!  This is the first piece of international stuffie mail I have received.  Thanks Beanie!

Friday, March 21, 2014

Secret admirer

This afternoon, there was a knock at the door.  I went to the door to see who it was.

I began to get beary excited because the last time there was a knock at the door, Uncle Tibbs arrived in a large box.  Maybe we would be getting another bear in a box this time?  I looked through the peep hole, but I did not see anyone or anything.

When I opened the door, I still did not see anything.  Hmm, how strange.

"Hello?  Is anyone there?" I asked.  My voice echoed down the hall.  There was no reply.

Oh look, there is something on the ground...

It was a beautiful flower arrangement.  And it had a special note.

I began to blush.  Thank you to whoever sent these beary beautiful roses.  I feel beary special now.

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Fishing with Uncle Tibbs

I told Uncle Tibbs about my recent ice fishing trip and how I failed to catch any fish.  Let me just say that as a bear, it is a bit embarrassing to return from a fishing trip empty-pawed.  That is something all bears should be able to do.  Perhaps Uncle Tibbs could give me some tips.

"Hmm... don't get too down on yourself, Ajdin," Uncle Tibbs tried to cheer me up.  "It happens to everyone sometimes, myself included.  Fishing, just like any other skill, takes lots of practice and patience if you want to get good at it.  But I do have some tricks I could show you."

He took out a small pouch shaped like a fish.

"I'll tell you one of my fishing tricks, Ajdin, but you have to promise not to tell anyone, bear or non-bear," he said.

"I won't tell anyone," I said.  "This is just between you and me and no one else.  I swear on my last bottle of honey," I said.  (That is the biggest swear a bear can make).

"Inside this pouch is very special fishing bait.  It's almost... like magic."  Uncle Tibbs' eyes grew wide.  "Let's put some bait onto your fishing pole.  Good, now we sit and we wait."

He sat me on his lap.

"But Uncle Tibbs," I said, "don't we have to go outside?  Don't we have to go to a lake or a pond?  What do you mean we can just fish here on the couch?"  I was beary confused.

"Oooh we're gonna catch some fish alright!" he exclaimed.  "Come on, Ajdin, don't you believe in magic?  This is MAGIC BAIT!  Hahahaha!  WE'RE GOING TO HAVE FISH TONIGHT!"  I had never seen Uncle Tibbs like this before.  I was starting to think that maybe he had had too much honey...

Then I felt a tug on my fishing pole.  It was a gentle tug at first, then it became stronger and stronger.  UNGHHHHHH!  I finally reeled it in with all of my little bear strength.

I could not believe it.  It was...

...salmon.  And perfectly filleted too.

I took a closer look just to make sure I wasn't seeing things.

Nope, it was the real deal.

Now I was still beary confused by this magic fish bait stuff and everything, but I decided not to think too hard about it.  I mean, when you find a nice salmon fillet, you should not ask questions.  You should cook it and eat it.

And that is exactly what I did.

I found a beary good recipe that I posted below that fellow bears and non-bears can try.  I picked this recipe because it uses HONEY.  I did not have a lemon so I used a lime instead and everything still tasted beary good.

I put the salmon in a pan and added some salt.

After making a quick marinade, it goes on top of the fish.

Always ask an adult bear or adult non-bear to help out with the stove and oven.  My mom put the fish in the oven and when she took it out, this is what it looked like.

A beary delicious meal!  (Yes, of course I shared with Uncle Tibbs).

Here is the recipe:


Monday, March 17, 2014

A day indoors

It's been a long winter and I'm now ready to go outside to enjoy some nice weather. My mom said she would take me to the park today.

I'm ready to get some beautiful warm sunshine -- WHAT?!

More snow? I cannot believe this. I am going to throw a temper tantrum.

"Hey Ajdin, what's all the fuss about?" Uncle Tibbs said as he was walking by.

"I wanted to go outside and play in warm weather but it has snowed again. My day is ruined."

"I wish we had warm weather too, Ajdin, but there's nothing we can do to change that," Uncle Tibbs said. "Come on, we can still have fun indoors today. How about some books Ajdin? Have you read these beary wonderful classics? How about A Tale of Two Honeypots?"

"Or Salmon and Sensibility? Great Beehives?  Wuthering Honeypots?" Uncle Tibbs dug into his book collection.

"Hmm... they do sound beary delicious," I said.

"You can always use your imagination if you're bored, Ajdin. Try to create something with your mind." He handed me a book.

"Oh this is beary interesting!" I said.

"I'll put a pot of honey tea on the stove," Uncle Tibbs grinned. "We can read and sip tea all day today."

What do you like to do on snow days?

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Where's Ooogie?

"Uncle Tibbs, have you seen Ooogie?" I asked.

"No, I haven't," he replied. "Why, what's up?"

"I haven't seen Ooogie all day today. I'm starting to get a little worried."

"Hmm... why don't you go look for him?" Uncle Tibbs said.  This looks like a job for Detective Ajdin.

Where could Ooogie be?  Ooogie likes water.  Maybe he was in the dishwasher.

Nope, he wasn't there.  Maybe he was in the washing machine. (It was a little scary looking inside.)

Nope, he wasn't there either.  Maybe he was in his favorite swimming spot.

Nope, not there. I was beary worried now!  Where could a little turtle go?  Then I heard a voice.

"Heeeeeeeeeeeelp meeeeeeeee..."

There was Ooogie, flipped over onto his shell.

"Pleeeeeeaseeeeee heeeeeeeeeelp meeeeeee, Aaaaaajdiiiiiin...."

Aww, poor turtle.  I gently turned him over.

... and sat him back up.

Everyone needs a little help sometimes!  That's what friends are for.  Case closed.  :)