Saturday, October 31, 2015

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween everyone!  Jerry and Ben recently hosted a Halloween costume contest and there were many great costumes!  I was lucky to win 2nd place.  Here I am...


Thanks to Jerry and Ben for hosting this contest.  Thank you, thank you beary much!

(My mom made my costume from a deconstructed old shirt.)

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Sunday, October 25, 2015

My cousin Hermione

I have heard of many instances when Facebook and other social media helped someone find a long lost relative or friend.  Perhaps you have gotten in touch with someone that way before too.  Well it happened to me recently.

I was updating my Facebook page when I saw that my stuffie friend Emily Harkess left me a post on my wall.

From a first glance at Hermione Beare's picture, I did indeed think we looked similar.  There was only one way to find out.  I checked the tag on my bottom.

So we had the same tag on our bottoms, but I was still a bit skeptical.  There are so many stuffies out there.  How would I know that Hermione was related to me?  I decided to express my opinion on pants.

Now I knew it for sure!  This is my little cousin Hermione Beare.  We look beary similar, we have the same tush tag, and we do not like to wear pants!  These are some pictures of Hermione Beare.

Sunday, October 18, 2015


Hello everyone, I am just checking the mail today and, hey wait ---

I can't really see you that well.  Can you see me?  The camera seems a bit blurry.  Let me clean it off a little bit.

There, that's better!

So as I was saying, today I received two postcards.  One is from Benaud, Hicks & Chloe from Australia who recently went on a day trip to Mildura.  I have never been to Australia before, perhaps someday I will get to go there!

The other postcard is from Droopy W. Dog who recently visited the Alamo.  There is a famous saying about the Alamo... but I don't remember it right now...

Thanks for the postcards everyone!

Monday, October 12, 2015

Jedi Jello part 2

Hi everyone!  I'm back with the final Jedi Jello reveal.  I have been beary patient waiting for the Jello to set and now it is time to eat the Jello!

I suppose I could always use my lightsaber to slice and dice the Jello into chunks, but today I am going to use a bear-shaped cookie cutter.

I carefully put the cookie cutter onto the Jello.  Then I pressed down gently.

"I've got a bad feeling about this," I said.  I forgot to use the Jello Jiggler recipe instead of the regular recipe.

"Thaaaaat iiiisssss whyyy youuuu faaaiiil," said Master Oooda.  "Moooooreeeee traaaiiiiniiiiing dooooo yooooou reeeequiireeee."

Darth Tibbs came by to see what we were doing.

"Ah Jello," he said.  "I have you now."

"Jiiiiiggglyyyy iiit iiissss," said Master Oooda.

I ate a spoonful of Jello - it was still tasty even though it didn't turn out exactly right.  Have a good day everyone.  May the Fish be with you!

Sunday, October 11, 2015

Jedi Jello

Hmm, where is it?  I thought I put it back in the dresser.

I'm looking for my Jedi robe... where did it go?

Without it, I can't do today's blog post.

"Mom, have you seen my Jedi robe?" I asked.

Ah, she has it!  She took it to the dry cleaners.

Okay, just give me one minute to change and then we'll get started.

Hello everyone, today I am going to make Jedi Jello!  (By the way, there's nothing like a crisp, clean, lightly starched Jedi robe.)  I have a box of SALMON WARS Jello mix right here.  Are you ready to make some jello with me?

Wait a second, I forgot to roll the opening sequence...

Okay, now we can really start.

First, I open the box with my trusty lightsaber.  ***ZING***

Then I boiled some hot water (be careful) and added it to the mix.  The white powder turned green!  The flavor is Rebel Force Berry.

Then I poured it into a large dish.  Now comes the hard part... we have to wait several hours for the jello to set.  I wish I could use my Fish powers to speed up time, but Master Oooda says that paaaaatiiiieeeeencceeeeee is also part of a Jedi's training...

Thursday, October 8, 2015


Last week, I went on a road trip to Memphis, Tennessee where I visited Graceland Mansion.  The great Elvis Presley once lived there.  Are you ready to go inside with me?

Here we are in the foyer of the mansion.  There is a grand staircase and a picture of Elvis Presley on the wall.

And to the right is the living room with a grand piano.  I bet he sang "Love Me Tuna" here.

To the left is the dining room.  I can imagine lots of salmon being eaten here at this table.

Now we are going into the basement.  This is the pool table room with interesting decorations..

Here is another room that is all in blue and yellow.  Did you know that Elvis liked to watch 3 different television channels at the same time?  The lightning bolt you see on the wall was part of his motto "TCB", or "Taking Care of Business... in a flash."

This is called the Jungle Room, and for good reason.  There is an indoor water fountain, lots of plants, and carved wood furniture.  I also saw a stuffie bear next to a guitar on the sofa.  Do you see him?

Okay, now we are going to take a look at the outdoor pasture where Elvis liked to ride horses.  Along the way, I met a fellow stuffie named Elgar the Moose.  Elgar works at a travel agency in England and he was leading a tour for his two human companions.  We took a picture together.  Elgar said he has been to dozens of countries leading travel trips for humans.  It sounds like he has a great job!

Okay, now we're on to some Elvis Presley exhibits.  Apparently, there was such a thing as Elvis Presley lipstick.

Here is more Elvis stuff.  They really went big on the marketing aspect huh?

Wow, look at that guitar - the guitar of a superstar!

His Grammy Awards were also on display.

There were so many awards I could not count them all.

Some of his stage costumes were on display too.

Finally, the end of the tour took us to Elvis Presley's grave.  Thank you for the music, Elvis Presley.  Long live the King of Rock and Roll.