Sunday, May 31, 2015

Art set

"Hey Ajdin, come over here," Uncle Tibbs said.  "I have something to give to you."

"But first, close your eyes."

"Okay, I am closing my eyes," I said.

"Close both of your eyes, Ajdin."

"Okay, I am closing both of my eyes for real this time," I said.

"Are you peeking?" he asked.

"No, I am not peeking," I said.

"Okay, you can open them on the count of three," he said.  "One... two... three!"

"Wow!" I exclaimed.  "An art set!"

I eagerly opened up the box.

"OH COOL!  There are paints and a paintbrush on one side, and on the other there are crayons!"  I was so excited.

"I hope you like it, Ajdin," Uncle Tibbs giggled.  "Every little bear should have some paints and crayons."

"Oh yes I do, beary much, Uncle Tibbs!  Thank you for this cool art set.  I am such a lucky bear."

Now what should I paint with it?

Tuesday, May 19, 2015


"Ajdin, you have a package!" Uncle Tibbs said.  He brought over a large box.

I wondered if this was my recent online shopping purchase.  It was!

I quickly opened the box and saw...

...a green Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles hoodie!

...and a PawPad!

I immediately put on the hoodie.

"Ooogie, how do I look?" I asked.

"Youuuuu loooook greeeeeeaat," he said.  "Tuuuuurtles ruuuuule!"

Then I started playing around with my new PawPad.

It can do some pretty cool things.

A new hoodie and a new PawPad - I am such a lucky bear!

Sunday, May 17, 2015

Online shopping

Today I felt like doing some online shopping.  Online shopping is a great way to find cool stuff and avoid crowded malls.  As a stuffie, sometimes you can be mistaken for a piece of merchandise when going into stores and my mom has to tell people that I am not for sale.

So let me log onto the computer and see what cyber deals I can find today.  I am going to check out the Build a Bear Workshop.  (Note: I am not a Build a Bear but I am beary similar in size to the Build a Bears.)

Hmm, this looks familiar.  It's my Jedi costume!

Here is a sparkly pink ballerina dress...ew.  I think I will pass.

I clicked for the next page, and saw...

PANTS!  Nope, definitely not buying these.

I added a few items to my cart and then took out my Abearican Express credit card to check out.  I hope my purchases arrive soon!

Do you like online shopping?  What is your favorite store?

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Sleeping bag

Recently, Julie Jane Zebra hosted a winter photo contest that I entered.  All of the photo entries in this contest were really great!  Here is my photo entry called Ice Fishing:

I was so beary surprised to learn that I won first place in this contest and would be receiving a custom-made sleeping bag from Julie's store Studio Lumio.  They make beary unique and interesting things in this store - you should check it out!  Julie and her friend Elsie worked beary hard on the sleeping bag.

The sleeping bag arrived today.  (My mom commented on the number of packages I have been receiving lately.)

There was a letter inside the package explaining that this sleeping bag was a magical sleeping bag.  I wondered what that meant.  There was also a cool picture of Julie and Elsie that they drew themselves.

I grew more and more excited as I opened the sleeping bag.


It came in a beary nice blue color with a cool astrobear design!  It was also beary soft.  I crawled inside.

"Thaaaaat's nooooot hoooow yoouuuuu dooooo iiiiiit," said Ooogie.

I never had a sleeping bag before.  I tried getting in the other way.

"Aaaaah, it is so comfortable," I said.  "And it is the perfect fit!"

I turned off the light and got ready to go to sleep in my new sleeping bag when suddenly it began to GLOW...  COOL!  It was a magic sleeping bag!

Thank you Julie and Elsie for the cool sleeping bag!  I like it beary much!

Goodnight everyone, sweet astrobear dreams!

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Photography scouting badge

Sandy recently hosted a Spring Photography Contest which myself and a few other stuffies entered.  Here is my photo submission, which won First Prize in the Urban category:

It was a beary fun contest! Today, my contest prize arrived in the mail.  I can't wait to see what it is.

Aha!  It is a photography scouting badge, how fitting.

It just so happens that I am wearing my Bear Cub Scout uniform today.  So I will bring this badge and myself straight to the local tailor for this sewing job.  I wonder if she is any good.

She took my measurements.

Then she broke out some needle and thread.

It didn't take long.

And before I knew it, I had my uniform back on.  (The service here is pretty good.)

Here is my new badge!  How does it look?

Thank you Sandy for the badge!  I wonder what my next badge will be...