Friday, July 31, 2015

Air mail

Hello everyone.  Parker and I are here waiting for the mail to be delivered.


Parker is not going to fetch the mail like last time because we are lucky enough to have a special air mail delivery service today.

''INCOMING!!!"  It was Miss Feathers zooming through the air.  She was carrying a postcard.

"ONE POSTCARD FOR AJDIN ADILOVIC!!!" she announced.  She dropped the postcard to the ground and it whacked me in the face.

"Oh Ajdin, I'm so sorry!  I have to work on my aim!" she said as she continued her deliveries.

(I am beary glad it was only a postcard today.)

Let's see here.  It's a postcard of Cascade Falls, and the photographer of the postcard is Arthur Fox.  And the postcard is from Little Fox, what a coincidence huh, Parker?


The postcard says:

Ajdin, Uncle Tibbs, et al.....
Colorado is amazing!  The mountains are huge, the flowers are blooming, and the hiking is awesome!

Thanks Little Fox for the postcard!


Tuesday, July 28, 2015


After a long and tiring day, it was finally time to relax on the couch.

"Aaaahh, my favorite spot on the couch," said Uncle Tibbs.

He got into a beary comfortable position and stretched his legs out.

It wasn't long before someone else came along.

"Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh, myyyyyyyy faaaaaavooooriiteee spoooooot," said Ooogie.

"Hi Ooogie," said Uncle Tibbs.

Ooogie made himself comfortable.

Next came Miss Feathers.

"Oooh!  My favorite spot!" she chirped.

She flew onto Uncle Tibbs' head and perched there.

"Oh uh, hello Miss Feathers," said Uncle Tibbs.

Then it was my turn.

"Ah, my favorite spot!" I said.  I climbed onto Uncle Tibbs' lap.

''Oh, umm, hey Ajdin," said Uncle Tibbs.

Shortly after, Parker came along.

"Woof!  Woof woof woof!" he barked.  Then Parker climbed onto Uncle Tibbs.

"Alright, alright," said Uncle Tibbs.  "Everyone just make yourself comfortable and relax!"


Saturday, July 25, 2015

Driving test

Today is a big day for me.  After taking several lessons at the S.P. Driving School, I am now ready to take my final driving test.

"Nooooooow iiiiiit's tiiiiiime fooooor paraaaaaalleeeeeel paaaaarking," said Ooogie.  My paws became cold and clammy, my eyes wide with fear.  Bearallel parking has always been a challenge for me.

I lined up the car next to the parking space.

I backed in slowly.

I turned the wheel.

I tried to straighten out.

But the car was all out of whack.

"Tryyyyy agaaaaain," said Ooogie.

I wiped away the sweat from my forehead.  I beary much wanted to pass this driving test.

I tried backing in again but cut in too soon.

I ended up parking backwards.

"Huuuuuuuuuuuh...?" said Ooogie.  "Wroooooong waaaay."

''I'll never pass!" I said, beary frustrated.

"Iiiiiit's oooookay."   Ooogie patted me on the back.  "I haaaaave aaaaaaan iiiiideaa.   Waaaaait heeeeree.  I'll beeeeee riiiight baaaaaack."

So I waited.  I waited for quite some time.

But always true to his word, eventually Ooogie came back... with 2 honey jars.

''Ooogie, what are you doing with those 2 honey jars?" I asked.

I looked on in amazement as he positioned them on the ground.

He got back in the car.

"Aiiiiiim fooooor the hooooooney," he said.

"Okay, I think I can do that," I said.

I backed in slowly and turned the wheel.

Then I straightened out the car.  It was easy aiming for the honey.

"Peeeeerfeeeeect," said Ooogie.

I sighed in relief.

"Coooongraaaaatuuuuulaaaaatiionss Ajdin.  Youuuuuu paaaaasssed theeeee driiiiiving teeeeest."

"Thanks Ooogie!  You were a great teacher."

I can't wait to drive on my own!

Sunday, July 19, 2015

SALMON WARS: Jedi puzzle training

Hello everyone, Ajdin Salmonfisher here.  I'm pleased to report that my training in the Fish is progressing nicely.  I can feel my powers growing stronger everyday.  Today as a Jedi Bear training exercise, I will be solving a SALMON WARS puzzle.

This puzzle looks beary cool!  I can't wait to get started.

First, I need to open the bag with my lightsaber.


Then it's time to flip over all the pieces right side up.  This is easy when you use the Fish, otherwise it can take a beary long time.

*waves paw*


I like to put the edges together first.  It makes it a little easier.

"Hello young Jedi," a bellowing voice said.  It was Darth Tibbs.

"Hello Darth Tibbs," I replied.

"Impressive.  Most impressive," Darth Tibbs said, looking at the puzzle.  He picked up a piece.  "Obear-Wan has taught you well."

Darth Tibbs and I continued working on the puzzle.  But there was one missing piece!

"That piece!  That piece!  Oh where could it be?" I said.

"Fouuuuuuund iiiiiit I haaaaaave," said Master Oooda.

"Cooompleeeteee iissssss youuuuuur puuuuuuzzzlleeeeee."

He put the final piece on the puzzle, then we stepped back to admire it.

The puzzle was an exciting scene of Han Salmon piloting his ship, the Millenium Fish, with his friends Chewbearcca, C3PO and Princess Leia!

We can't wait for the new SALMON WARS movie!  Here's a behind-the-scenes look:

May the Fish be with you!

Monday, July 13, 2015

S.P Driving School

Despite all the headaches associated with having a car as my stuffie friends kindly reminded me, I still decided to go ahead with learning how to drive on my new, red BeeMV convertible that I recently won on the Price is Right.  So my mom signed me up for driving lessons at S.P. Driving School.

Here I am in the parking lot waiting for my first lesson.  I wonder what S.P. stands for.  It must be "speed" and "performance" or something like that.  I can't wait to go VROOM VROOM VROOM in this car.

I waited 15 minutes.  Hmm... where is my driving instructor?

Another 15 minutes went by.  I decided to take a nap.

Sometime later, I was woken up by a familiar voice.

"Heeeeellooooooooo Aaaaaaajdiiiiin."

"Ooogie?  What are you doing here?' I asked.

"I'm youuuuuuur driiiiiiviiiing iiiiiinstruuuuuctooooor," he said.  "Weeeeelcoooooomeee tooo S.P. Driiiiiiviiiiing Schoooool."

He flipped over the sign.  It read:


He made his way towards the passenger side.

Then he got in the vehicle.

"Reeeemeeeembeeer tooo aaaalwwwwaaayssss buuuckleeee uuuup."



"Noooow tuuuuurn ooooon the igniiiiiiitiiiiion.  Aaaaand goooo slooooooow."

I pressed down gently on the gas pedal.

"Tooooooo faaaaaaast," Oooogie said.  "Youuuu'reeeee gooooooiiing tooooooo faaaast.  Sloooooow doooooown."

"But I'm only going 10 miles per hour," I insisted.

"Fiiiiive.  Fiiiiiive miiiiilees peeeeeer hooooour," said Ooogie.

So I pressed beary lightly on the gas pedal, and at 5 mph, we crawled out of the parking lot.

I guess I'll see you later.  I'm not sure when we'll be back.