Thursday, December 25, 2014

Have a Beary Merry Christmas!

This evening, I saw Santa Bear sitting on the couch in the living room.  I have to say, for such a busy guy, his timing is always impeccable, just like last year.  I went up to him and climbed onto his lap.

"HO HO HO!  MERRY CHRISTMAS!" he bellowed.  "And what would you like for Christmas this year, little bear?"

I took a deep breath.  This was my chance to wish for anything in the whole world.  Would it be 100 jars of honey?  Or maybe 100 pounds of salmon?  Whatever I wished for, it had to be a good one.

"I wish that everyone, bears and non-bears alike, have a peaceful and happy holiday," I said.  "And I wish that everyone remembers to be beary thankful because... life is beary good!"

"Ah, that's a nice wish," Santa Bear said.  "Well, I do have a little gift for you.  My elf here will bring it over."

"Ooogie?  I didn't know you worked for Santa Bear," I said.

"Seasooooooooonal joooooooob," he answered.

"Thank you, Santa Bear," I said.  Then I hopped down from his lap.

I was beary excited about the gift that Santa Bear gave to me and went to show Uncle Tibbs.  I looked around the house for a little while, then spotted him in the hallway.

"Uncle Tibbs, you will not believe what just happened.  Santa Bear was in the living room just now and he gave me this nice gift," I said.

"Really Ajdin?" Uncle Tibbs said.  "Wow, that's great!  You are such a lucky bear.  I seem to miss him whenever he comes around."

"Uncle Tibbs," I said, "how about we give our friends one final message from 2014..."


Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Holiday cards

I checked the mailbox today and it was just brimming with mail for me.  It is official - now I receive more mail than my mom does.  Let's take a look at today's mail haul.

First up is a holiday card from my friends Jerry and Ben.  What a pretty bird on this card.  Thanks Jerry and Ben!

Next, we have a photo collage card from Little Fox and his friends.  I see Sequoia in one of the photos.  What a special holiday it will be for him this year to have a real family.  Thanks Little Fox!

Up next is some international mail from Beanie Mouse.  Beanie is beary creative so I want to show you a picture of the envelope.  See, even the envelope is like a piece of art.

And inside is a handmade holiday card from Beanie.  Thanks Beanie!

And last but not least is a card from Sandy Bear.  Ah, those Christmas trees look nice.  Oh, and what do we have here?  Sandy also sent me a little wrapped gift.

Well, I think I'll go right ahead and open it now then!

Wait!  What is this?  My mom has snatched it away from me!  *SIGH*  She says I have to wait until Christmas to open it.

Here I am empty-pawed.  Well, I guess Christmas isn't too far away so I don't have to wait long to find out what it is.  Thanks for the cards everyone!  :)

Sunday, December 14, 2014


I went to the supermarket today and saw something truly devastating and tragic.

On a shelf in the honey aisle was a bottle of "Bee Free Honee."  Look, they cannot even spell "honey" correctly.  The label said this honey was made from apples and there were no bees involved

I looked at the label on the back of the bottle.  It said, "CONTAINS NO REAL HONEY."

I am in absolute shock right now.  I need to have a spoonful of real honey.  Beware of fake honey!

Friday, December 12, 2014

Colorado part 2

The next day, I decided to make a quick visit to Red Rocks Park before it was time to go to the airport.  I got up real early and was able to watch the sunrise.

 There were some great views in this park.

 It was beary peaceful here indeed.

Here is a video I took of the park:


I took a picture of this statue.

And here is one of the famous red rocks for which this park is named for!

Then I got in the car and drove to the airport.  (I am not sure when I received my driver's license, or if I ever did, but somehow I managed to get the car back to the hotel.  Please don't tell my mom.  I might get another timeout for this.)

Tuesday, December 9, 2014


As luck would have it, my mom just happened to be going on another business trip.  We got on an airplane and arrived in... Colorado!  She had to go to work but I was allowed to do some exploring by myself this time.

I found a tranquil pond nearby and looked at the mountains that were in the background.  Those are the Colorado Rockies.

I took a short video to show you how nice it was.


I kept going down that road.  It was just me and the big blue sky.

I kept going until I saw a sign for a nature preserve.  So I decided to go in and take a look.  Maybe I would find some fellow bears there.

I saw some prairie dogs in this nature preserve.

There was a sign warning me that I was about to enter the bison area.  "Bison are wild and unpredictable animals," it said.  But I was not afraid.  I am a bear, after all.  GRRR!!

Now I was a bit tired so I went to check in at the hotel.  When I arrived at the front desk, I was offered a warm, soft, delicious chocolate chip cookie.  Apparently they do this in all of their hotels.  I can tell that I am really going to like this hotel.

I even made a new swan friend in the hotel room.  How friendly everyone is here.

I was still hungry so I ordered room service.  This is really nice treatment.  I might have to ask for this treatment when I get back home.

I was getting sleepy now so I made myself comfortable on some pillows and fell asleep.  I wonder what's in store for tomorrow...

Saturday, December 6, 2014


As you know, I recently received a timeout in the corner because of tagging along unbeknownst to my mom during a trip to Iowa.  But she seemed to have a change in heart recently because today she gave me my beary own suitcase.

She even personalized it and painted a letter "a" on it.  "A" for Ajdin (that's me.)

It's the perfect size for me.

Now, what shall I put in my suitcase?  Ah, that's an easy question.  I will put some honey packets in it.

Alright, now I'm all set!  I wonder when and where my next trip will be?

Thursday, December 4, 2014

Bear sighting

I went to the supermarket today and spotted these big bears in the ice cream aisle.  They were even bigger than Uncle Tibbs.  How lucky these bears are to be sitting next to the ice cream!

Mmm.. I could fancy an ice cream cone just about now...